Lemon Rosemary One Dish Chicken

Delicious Lemon Rosemary One Pot Chicken

Lemon Rosemary One Dish Chicken


  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon whole grain mustard
  • Juice from 2 lemons
  • Zest from 1 lemon
  • Sliced lemons
  • 1 onion, sliced in rounds
  • 3-4 sprigs of fresh Rosemary
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons dried oregano
  • 1/4 teaspoon kosher salt
  • 8 bone-in, skin-on (ideal, but I did boneless/skinless) chicken thighs


  • Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.
  • To make the lemon rub, combine olive oil, mustard, lemon zest, oregano,and salt in a small bowl. Using your fingers or a brush, work the lemon rub onto both sides of the chicken.
  • Heat olive oil in a large oven-proof skillet over medium high heat. Add chicken, lemon slices, pnion, extra marinade, rosemary sprigs, and sear both sides until golden brown, about 2-3 minutes per side.
  • Place into oven and roast until completely cooked through, reaching an internal temperature of 175 degrees F, about 25-30 minutes.

Lemon Rosemary One Pot Chicken

Lemon Rosemary One Pot Chicken

Lemon Rosemary One Pot Chicken

Kirsten xo

Tea, Crumpets and the Queen

A complete guide to sightseeing in London

This is a long one. Consider yourself warned. London is a complete dream. I have always been a lover of it’s history, culture, and tradition. I grew up in New Westminster, which was named by the Queen, and would later be referred to as The Royal City. I think it is this connection that originally peaked my interest, and from there, it was love. C has been a number of times, but this was my first. I definitely expected experiencing a few cliche things, but I was completely overwhelmed with how many truly unique cultural experiences we had. I was also pleasantly surprised with how authentic and organic it was. We saw the queen. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that would happen, but we were so lucky to be in town for the State Opening of Parliament, which resulted in us seeing Queen E, Prince Phillip, Prince Charles, Camilla, and Princess Anne. TWICE! There were a ton of really unique experiences that had us looking at each other saying, OF COURSE that is happening. Of course they are filming James Bond on the London Bridge. Of course blah blah blah. It was amazing. We were only there for 3 full days and we did everything we wanted and didn’t feel exhausted by it at all. Our continued tradition of having perfectly executed agendas continues. I’ll leave the rest to pictures, but if you want a quick day-by-day run down, scroll to the very bottom.

The Royal Observatory in Greenwich, where you can stand on either side of the Prime Meridian. I don’t really understand time zones, but this was really interesting and helped me understand a teeny bit more. C on the otherhand thought it was very cool. IMG_0738


The Crown Jewels. Worth the trip on it’s own. The exhibit is setup within the Tower of London and combined with a morning in Greenwich, filled out a complete day of activities. Our timing couldn’t have been better coming here, because if we had come the next day, we would have missed the crown, which would have been on the Queen’s head (pictured below) and missed her parade through town.

Crown Jewel Display at the Tower of London  IMG_0781

If you want to see the Tower Bridge, it makes the most sense to walk along the Thames from the Tower of London



As a lover of bears and shopping, this was a natural fit. Harrods is fun, even if you don’t have a shopping budget. There are a few great restaurants, and lots of beautiful displays to see. I think the secret here is to have a keen eye, and look for brands that you can’t find at home (wherever that may be). For us- Holts, Harry’s and Nordstroms has a lot of the same brands, and with the Canadian dollar, it doesn’t make sense to make those purchases in London. We did however manage to leave with quite a few bags, as there are a few brands that are exclusive to Harrods.


Buckingham Palace. The Gates of Buckingham Palace IMG_0849

Canada House Doors

Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament


Westminster Abbey. Definitely allow 3 hours for this tour. Also, buy tickets online in advance for this. We bought them the night before, and saved ourselves probably 2 hours in line. The tour itself was very interesting. Seeing the tombstones of Mary Queen of Scots, Saint Edward the Confessor, and the Coronation Chair were the highlights by far. IMG_0929

Westminster Abbey

Interior of Westminster Abbey


From the top of the London Eye. Same thing as the Abbey- buy your tickets in advance!

View of Parliament from the top of the London Eye

The London Eye

The Churchill War Rooms is another must see. It is a two in one experience. The first part being the actual bunker where the administration safely over saw the war. The second part, is the Churchill Museum, highlighting his entire life, not just time in office. Again, probably plan for 3 ish hours.


This was the door at 10 Downing when Churchill was in office. This was a neat addition, especially given that you can no longer see the iconic black door at number 10 since the IRA bombings shut down the block to the public. IMG_0955

Day – by – day:

Sunday night: arrived at Heathrow at 8pm. Loaded up our oyster cards, and rode into town. 40 minutes later we were all checked in, changed and ready for supper. Something that was totally new to me- pubs close at 9pm so that put a damper on our starving tummies. After attempting to go into 5 different local pubs/restaurants we found ourselves at Nobu Old Park Lane, which we knew would be open, and delicious as always. This was by far the stangest Nobu we have been in. During the day I imagine it has a great view over Hyde Park but at night you couldn’t tell. It was very bright, and not nearly as intimate and trendy as some of their other locations. The food was still divine, but atmosphere is pretty important to me. After supper (10:30) ish we decided to go for a walk rather than heading back to the hotel. C had been telling me that the city was very walkable, but I underestimated what that meant. We left Nobu and over the next couple of hours ( we didn’t get home until after 1am! eeep), we saw so many sights! First stop was Buckingham Palace which was very emotional. I didn’t really realize where we were going so when we walked out of the park and it was standing there, I was completely shocked. It was dead quiet, and not a soul was in sight which totally amplified the beauty of it. I strongly recommend going to see it at night when there aren’t a bijillion people there. From there we saw Westminster Abbey, the Palaces of Westminster, Big Ben, the London Eye, walked Whitehall, and saw them FILMING JAMES BOND! Can you believe it? It was so cliche, but since C is such a huge fan (remember THIS James Bond themed birthday we had?) it was a really exciting thing to see. We stood and watched for a bit, but sadly for me, no shirtless Daniel Craig sightings. After so much excitement for us in one night, back to the hotel we went for a good nights sleep.

Keep an eye out for this scene…



Monday/full day 1: We rode the tube from Hyde Park to Greenwich to check out the Royal Observatory before making our way back to the Tower of London to see the Crown Jewels. Greenwich itself is a bustling little village to spend time in. It’s the maritime hub of London so if you are interested in boats, this is a good place to spend the day. We went just for the Observatory so left fairly quickly. I was worried this would be a long trip out to from downtown but we were in and out within a couple hours. The one thing I would note for other travelers is that it is quite a steep hike up to the top. It’s not too long, but very steep, and for any able bodied person isn’t a big deal but I did see a few seniors who really struggled. If you think you might have difficulty, or are traveling with someone who will- I would reach out to them and see what options they have.

From there we rode back a few stops to the Tower of London, checked out the whole prison, and it’s exhibits, most notably the Crown Jewels- pictured above. Afterwards we checked out the Tower Bridge, and walked back along the Thames all the way to the London Eye. I can see how people think this is a bit toursity, but honestly we bought our tickets in advance, so we didnt have to wait in line, and I think it was totally worth it. It was a hot sunny day, and the view was endless. I totally recommend doing this. In fact- next time I would upgrade and do the champagne version. I was worried about them shoving each car full to the brim, but they’ve got a great system, we had lots of room, and made friends with other riders as we all snapped pictures for each other.

Day 2: we visited the Churchill War Rooms, and Westminster Abbey which have both been covered above. We had a picnic in Hyde Park, and then walked down Oxford Street and checked out some shops. This was our favourite dining night as we checked out two awesome spots. First stop was Sketch. One of the most creative spots in London. The restaurant is made up of 4 rooms with entirely different themes and designs. The Gallery, or as many people affectionately call it- the Pink Room , is an artist conceived restaurant that will keep it’s design for two years before being entirely re done by a new artist. Everything from the silverware, to the menu and the furniture were carefully selected by artist David Shrigley. I was pleasantly surprised when we walked in there not really knowing what the deal was, that they were super warm, and didnt make us feel like idiots. They asked if we had been before, and when I responded with a no, they were quick to give the whole downlow. They encouraged us to walk around, check out the different rooms and settle on one that we wanted to dine in. It was obvious for me before even looking, I wanted to sit in the pink room, but opted to check them all out regardless. My biggest compliment, which I don’t often hand out, its that there was ZERO pretentiousness. The staff were all sooo friendly, and as one of them told us, they have all worked there for 4+ years because they are treated so well.The food was incredible, the drinks were divine, and the experience was an overall A+. From there we walked through Oxford Circus and hopped on the tube for The Shard, the tallest building in London, and for our second round of supper.  The closest station from there was the London Bridge Station on the Jubilee Line. This was something I really wanted to do- though I am certain C could have done without it. I think we were both thrilled with my decision because the view was superb. We weren’t able to get a spot in the restaurant we wanted ( there are 6- but you definitely need a reso). We ended up at Oblix, and when they said “ohhh but we dont have any tables, do you mind sitting at the bar ?” my heart kind of sunk, until they took us to our table and it was a bar, up against the glass wall, looking out from the 32nd story over all of London! Trust me- it was as awful as it sounded… 🙂 That wrapped up another fabulous night of great food, wine, and company.

The View from the Shard London

Tower Bridge from The Shard

Sunset over London from The Shard

View of the london Eye from the Shard

Day 3: This is the one day we didn’t have any plans other than to knock off the last few items on our too see list but it ended up being a total highlight. It was the day we saw Her Majesty (among many others). We just so happened to get lucky and have the State Opening of Parliament take place while we were there. Our flight was at 6pm this night, and we wanted to leave around 3pm. I strongly suggest giving yourself this half day or so with no plans so that you can push things to it if you get to busy on your other days. We really liked having the flexibility to change our plans or decide to delay something until another day, it left us feeling totally in control and not at all rushed.




Queen Elizabeth






Princess Anne

Prince Charles


Where we stayed: Park Lane Mews

Where we ate (don’t remember all the little pub names but I tried):

The Admiralty– the steak and stilton pie was possibly the best thing we ate on our trip

The Old Express

Oblix– located in the highest building in London, this view + a perfectly cooked steak made for a great last meal

Nobu – thoughts above

Sketch– thoughts above, under day 2

Sketch, London

Sketch | London

Sketch | London

Sketch | London

Sketch | London

Sketch | London

Sketch | London

Harrods Bears



PS check out my previous posts from a number of years ago with more recommendations!

Kirsten xo

Reno Your Rental

Reno Your Rental (On The Cheap)

Being a renter who is trying to save for our own house, I have really learnt how to extend my dollar as far as possible to make a chic, comfortable home I want to spend time in. Our little space has great bones, a ton of light and a great layout, so it’s really just been a matter of stepping it up a little bit. I have wanted to be really careful to keep spending to an absolute minimum. Which is obviously quite difficult. At times, it means being appreciative and not fretting over what I don’t have (a dining room), and other times it has meant being creative, rather than going for something I really want (tile backsplash people!)

So, to kick things off, let’s start with the kitchen. It’s not my white marble and gold accessory haven I stay up late dreaming about, but it’s cute, fresh, and only cost about $30 in hardware because we had all the paint and plywood, and another $25 for this undermount lighting from Ikea.

But first, let’s take a trip down memory lane.

The day we moved in:




This was during our Christmas party a few weeks after moving in, and it pretty much stayed like this until last month.



Now, this is where we are at. Painted cabinets, built cabinet doors for the open concept cabinets ( I love that look if they’re glass and full of crystal but didn’t so much love it as my most accessible cabinets), bought new hardware, attached under mounted lighting, and painted a tile pattern to add a little colour.

We took all of the cabinet doors off and painted them in the garage. While they dried I painted the base of the cabinets to match.  If you didn’t want to buy new hardware you could also just  spray paint yours. I didn’t want any ware so I opted to buy new handles, but spray painted all of the hinges and screws.

I desperately wanted to do a tile backsplash but I realized how silly that is when we are trying to put every penny towards our own place. Once I accepted that I started to research creative ways to add interest and I came across this look on Pinterest (of course!). It’s a bit hard to tell in these pictures but there are 4 colours on it. Grey, turquoise, navy, and where the white boxes were left I mixed the grey with a white to come up with a lighter colour that ties it all together. The taping was the hardest part, but nothing a  level and my handman couldn’t handle.

Paint Tiling

DIY Undermounted Lighting

Reno Your Rental Kitchen

Freshened Up Rental Kitchen

IMG_0490  IMG_0495


So voila! All it takes is a little paint on the walls, and cabinets, and you’ve got yourself a total refresher. What do ya think?

Kirsten xo

Orange Rosemary Gin &Tonic

Orange Rosemary Gin & TonicHappy Friday lovies! Here in Vancouver it is already warm enough to spend your Friday on a patio sipping on one of these guys. Hope you enjoy this spin on a classic.

What are you cheersing to this weekend?

Orange Rosemary Gin & Tonic

Pink Flamingo Drink Stirs / Blue and White Funky Leggings

Kirsten xo

Teriyaki Salmon Sushi Bowl

Teriyaki Salmon Sushi BowlThis has become an absolute staple in our house. We eat some variety of it at least twice a week, but shamelessly, it’s usually more often. It’s filling, fresh, soooo flavourful, feels hearty, but is so healthy. I need you to bring this into circulation. One of the best parts about it is the flexibility to use what you have, and add/take away things as you desire, plus you can whip it up in 15ish minutes, and even take out sushi can’t beat that!

Deconstructed Sushi Roll Bowl

Serves 4, or 2 with leftovers for the next day


Additional ingredients: broccoli, red peppers, any vegetables you like, but I prefer to keep it as less of a stirfry and more limited to sushi roll ingredients.


Preheat oven to 400

Bring cubed sweet potatoes to a boil until soft to touch with a fork, but not crumbling. Once cooked, toss in a bowl with sesame oil and panko crumbs. Place on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper and bake for 30 minutes.

Bring rice to a boil.

Place salmon on a tinfoil lined baking sheet, and cook on the bbq for 8-12 minutes until cooked through. You can also do this in the oven after the sweet potatoes are finished, but I prefer the bbq.

While the rice is still in the pot it was cooked in, I toss it with 1/2 of the teriyaki sauce.

The key to enjoying this dish, is assembling it for your guests, otherwise they may serve it all up separately, and the flavours might not mix together as well as they should.

To assemble: serve a scoop of rice into the bottom of each bowl, and spread it out so that it covers the whole base, top with zuchinni, sweet potatoes, 1/2 an avocado each, and finally salmon, in 4 quadrants on top of the rice.

Drizzle the remaining thick teriyaki sauce in circles around the bowl, followed by a drizzle of Sriracha, top with green onion (which I use scissors to cut up quickly and evenly) and sprinkle sesame seeds over top. Voila!

PS stay tuned for the recipe for my favourite drink, pictured below- an orange and rosemary gin and tonic

Deconstructed Sushi Roll Bowl